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InnerAlly Compassion Practice Group

Hosted by Cynthia Phelps

InnerAlly Compassion Practice Group
Come Practice Compassion in Community!

Join me on my compassionate journey! I'l be leading a 45 minute session each week to practice techniques I'm learning in the Stanford Applied Compassion Program.

Something has become increasingly clear to me.

KNOWLEDGE is not the barrier to mental and emotional wellbeing. For the most part, we already know what we need to be doing and the new AI tools give us immediate access to any knowledge we might need.

PRACTICE is what I need support with. Practicing the skills that lead to mental and emotional wellbeing is what gives us the results we want for our lives.

COMMUNITY is the secret (not so secret) sauce to make it fun, a regular practice, and make it stick.

The format for the Compassion Practice Group will be:

✳ 10-15 minutes to say "hi" and introduce a topic

✳ 10-15 minutes of guided practice

✳ 15 minutes of discussion, Q&A,

Topics will all be related to mindfulness and compassion and are designed with research-based findings that show how to improve mental and emotional wellbeing. I'm excited to share what I'm learning in the Stanford Program!

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