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JACK HAS A PLAN at The Clarion Center - San Francisco

JACK HAS A PLAN at The Clarion Center - San Francisco
JACK HAS A PLAN Is coming back to the Bay Area! As part of its Community Film Series, the Clarion Performing Arts Center will screen JACK HAS A PLAN with panel to follow.

The Award-Winning Documentary JACK HAS A PLAN Is Coming back to the Bay Area!

JACK HAS A PLAN Documentary @ The Clarion Performing Arts Center

Oct 01, 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Clarion Performing Arts Center, 2 Waverly Pl, San Francisco, CA 94108, USA

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The Community Film Series presents the feature documentary JACK HAS A PLAN on Saturday October 1st at 4-6pm at the Clarion Performing Arts Center.

Produced over six years, the film was inspired by Jack Tuller’s keen desire to document and share his end-of-life story. Jack wanted to remove the taboos associated with discussions about death and dying—and to create the most honest and uplifting case study about how to approach our final days with sincerity, openness, and gratitude.

San Francisco Examiner says:

“Far from a downer, it is indeed a film about death, but it’s as joyous, thrilling and funny as any film about death could be.”

The movie starts by providing the context of Jack’s career as a budding San Francisco musician. It reveals how his course was forever altered in 1994 when he was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor and given six months to live. JACK HAS A PLAN tells the story of the following 25 years.

At 55, Jack can no longer work and loses the wherewithal for creativity. So, he enlists his close friend, filmmaker Bradley Berman, to document his condition. Jack’s predicament propels him on a quest to make amends with his mother, who he has not seen since before his first diagnosis. Rebuffed by his mom, Jack goes on a journey to find the biological father he never knew. Then, as Jack’s condition worsens, he decides to throw a going-away party and exit life’s stage. But not if his closest friends have anything to say about it.

JACK HAS A PLAN is a revelation. The film is both intimate and moving, as the filmmaker and the subject weigh the implications and questions that arise from seeing Jack's “project” to its natural conclusion. The uplifting and funny story invites viewers to reflect on life’s most universal topic.

San Jose Mercury News says:

“JACK HAS A PLAN does choke you up—as it should—but it’s also an oddly life-affirming true story about living your life to the fullest and learning to reconcile with a past no matter how painful it might be.”

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