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Let Me IntervYOU! 2024 #1

Let Me IntervYOU! 2024 #1
A return to interview format! Kick off 2024 with Lisa Gonsalves, 2nd-generation Filipina working in healthcare. Join us for a dynamic conversation exploring identity, caregiving, loss, grief & healing

Kick off our monthly series with Guest Lisa Gonsalves, Founder, Nipa Hut Wellness, named for the Nipa palm tree, which honors her Filipina heritage.

Second generation in her family in the healthcare sector, Lisa will share insights from her exploration of identity as a child of the earliest of migrant Filipino nurses recruited to work in the U.S. after the signing of the 1965 Immigration & Nationality Act. Her journey spanned isolation, search for connection and personal transformation.

When caregiving for Loved Ones in her extended family, Lisa faced multiple barriers. She found her calling in turning her experiences into aiding others, particularly those who share a similar heritage. Through her practice, Lisa creates space as a haven of healing through culturally connected energy work and sound baths.

A bridge between her ancestors and descendants, Lisa will share lessons from her journey of self-discovery and healing.

Guest: Lisa Gonsalves, Founder, Nipa Hut Wellness

Host: Lily Liu, Family Caregiver

Ritual & Ceremony Talk, Panel, & Conversation Music & Sound Storytelling Community Gathering


Wellness Caregiving Grief Healthcare Isolation & Connection