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Let Me IntervYOU! Episode #11

Let Me IntervYOU! Episode #11
Tordis Ilg Isselhardt shares stories of her mother, Dr. Frances L. Ilg, renowned researcher of infant/child development. How do we reconcile a “public” and “private” parent, and honor their legacy?

Our Guest is cultural interpreter and publisher Tordis Ilg Isselhardt whose mother was infant and child development expert Dr. Frances L. Ilg (1902-81). Dr. Ilg, a 1929 Cornell Medical School graduate, worked with Dr. Arnold Gesell at the Clinic of Child Development at Yale, and upon his retirement, co-founded and served as director of the Gesell Institute of Child Development. Her books on child behavior and manuals on child care remain definitive publications about child development and are bestsellers now in translation in Asia.

Tordis’s first focus was foreign cultures and she studied in Europe. Her passion is helping people learn from and care for the past through historical interpretation and historic preservation. In 1984, she founded Images from the Past, an enterprise which publishes books about people, events and places in American history. Join us for a conversation about honoring the legacy of a parent who is world-renowned and Tordis’s experiences preserving personal memories about a public figure.

Host: Lily Liu, Caregiver

Guest: Tordis Ilg Isselhardt, Cultural interpreter and publisher


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