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Let Me IntervYOU! Episode #12

Let Me IntervYOU! Episode #12
Jennie Chin Hansen, a lifelong advocate for adults 50+, was a widow at 28. Looking back four+ decades, she shares insights re: early loss and grief. Join us to explore the healing power of memories.

Our Guest is renowned advocate for older adults, Jennie Chin Hansen. Calling herself a “conservative radical,” she has worked in key leadership roles in the field of aging over the past half century. Among her accomplishments is the pioneering Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) that was an innovation of On Lok, the San Francisco nonprofit where she worked for nearly 25 years, 10.5 years as CEO. This local community program has expanded into federal law and is replicated nationally now in 32 states. Jennie’s first degree was in nursing and her earliest work areas included both urban community and as well as a rural health nurse. At the age of 28, she lost her young husband also aged 28 to cancer. How did she make her way through the world as a young widow and mother of a toddler? How does she honor the legacy of her late young husband? Welcome to join us in group conversation exploring loss at a young age and the healing power of memory.

Host: Lily Liu, Family Caregiver

Guest: Jennie Chin Hansen, Advocate for Older Adults and an older adult herself!


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