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Let Me IntervYOU! Episode #7

Let Me IntervYOU! Episode #7
Improved holistic wellness as we mature fosters greater independence + helps to reduce age-related disabilities. VaYU Shakti Yoga Founder/CEO, Ramki Ramakrishnan, shares his vision of healthy aging.

After a successful career, Ramki Ramakrishnan founded VaYU Shakti Yoga in retirement to share with others his vision of holistic wellness that addresses issues affecting health and well-being by incorporating yoga and mindfulness meditation.

Ramki believes we all have a movie running constantly in our mind. Sometimes the scenes are associated with what we are doing right then; many times our mind will be running scenes from the past or imagining scenes in the future. This movie continues even during sleep as our dreams.

Too often, many of us are not in a happy state of mind. Research has shown that yoga can help people to be mindful and be happy. Yoga can help to prevent falls, improve our immune system and enhance mindfulness.

Ramki will walk us through some of these concepts and lead us in a live yoga session, which will also include meditation and mindful breathing.

Guest: Ramki Ramakrishnan, Founder and CEO, VaYU Shakti Yoga 

Host: Lily Liu, Family Caregiver


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