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Life Story Club Meetup

Hosted by Life Story Club

Life Story Club Meetup
Have you ever lived through a natural disaster? What's your favorite way to beat the heat? Share your story at the Life Story Club!

About the Club:

You’re invited to participate in an afternoon of meaningful storytelling with the Life Story Club, where you can share and listen to fabulous life stories from the safety of your home! The Life Story Club is a social club for older adults, a place to meet other individuals with incredible life stories and to share some of your own!

Newcomers are welcome to join, whether you plan on telling a story of your own or just listening to the stories of others.

At the virtual meetup, we will share stories around the following prompt questions:

  1. Tell a story about a time you beat the heat.
  2. Have you ever lived through a natural disaster?

Date: Friday, July 16, 2021

Time: 1PM Eastern

About Us:

The Life Story Club is a nonprofit dedicated to promoting healthy aging and reducing social isolation of older adults. We do this through the club meetings we run, where participants can socialize and make friends through sharing stories. We've worked with various community-based organizations, including public libraries, the Alzheimer's Foundation of America, as well as hundreds of individuals to preserve the life stories of their loved ones.

Linnea, our workshop facilitator, has a Master’s in Creative Writing and before making the move to New York, she taught English Composition at Minnesota State University. Over the past four years, Linnea has run numerous creative writing and storytelling workshops in Minnesota and New York. She currently lives in Brooklyn with her dog, Icarus, where she enjoys park-hopping and getting lost in museums.


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