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Living with Loss: A Gathering for the Grieving

Living with Loss: A Gathering for the Grieving
Talking about grief is talking about love because without love, there would be no grief. Coming together in the face of loss to tell our love stories can be a deep and healing experience.

“Anyone who has lost something they thought was theirs forever finally comes to realize that nothing really belongs to them.” - Paulo Coelho

During Living with Loss: A Gathering for the Grieving, we will explore how ritual, connection, and community help us through times of loss.

Grief can arise from the loss of a loved one, the loss of a dream, the loss of a relationship, the loss of health, or the loss of a future one imagined. Whether your loss was recent or a long time ago, your experience is real and personal.

At Living with Loss, we recognize the universality of grief even as we seek to honor the uniqueness of each participant's loss.

Registration cost supports the work of Rites of Passage, LLC with 10% donated to Reimagine.

We have a sliding scale of $8, $12, or $16. Our basic fee is $12. Pay less as necessary or more if you want 🙂 (No refunds.)

Living with Loss is offered monthly online.

Please contact Kristabeth Atwood at with any questions.

**Kristabeth Atwood, M.Div is a pastor for people who don't do church and the founder of Rites of Passage, LLC. Through Rites of Passage, Kristabeth brings her pastor's heart to help people through the spiritual, emotional, and practical aspects of change by offering:

– care for those facing life's changes,

– education on the transformative power of change,

– support for exploring life's big questions, and

– personalized rituals to mark life’s transitions.

Kristabeth holds space for people to connect with themselves, those around them, and with the sacred, whatever that means to them. She feels privileged to help people honor and mark the meaningful moments that encompass all the seasons of life – from birth to death.**

Ritual & Ceremony Talk, Panel, & Conversation Workshop Meditation


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