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Loss is What Burnout's All About: Reengage & Rejuvenate

Hosted by Ari Simon

Loss is What Burnout's All About: Reengage & Rejuvenate
By becoming more attuned to burnout's distress signal of loss, we can offer tools proven through grief care to reconnect and re-energize ourselves, our teams, and our communities.

Burnout is everywhere. It’s the root cause of all the recent job-leaving phenomena, from the Great Resignation to quiet quitting to rage applying. It’s making us feeling exhausted and isolated. For management, it’s a nightmare, leaving employees disengaged, bitter, and so over it. As much as we talk about burnout now more than ever, we’ve still barely begun to address it. When we connect the dots, we see that burnout is a reaction of rupture – our teetering on the very edge of loss – and a signal for needed repair. From here, a world of powerful tools and practices emerge.

Join Ari Simon, Founder of Grief at Work, for an interactive session on how by applying tools for navigating and healing from loss, we can shift our own and all workers’ experiences of burnout, chronic stress, and disengagement.

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