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Moving with Grief: Trauma-Informed Somatic Movement

Hosted by Page Nelson

Moving with Grief: Trauma-Informed Somatic Movement
Moving With Grief combines ritual, gentle somatic movement, and an opportunity to process in community for anyone grieving who desires a safe space to be witnessed in their experience.

Join Page for Moving with Grief: a trauma-informed somatic movement journey that combines ritual, gentle movement, and a safe space for processing.

The workshop will begin with an opening circle, during which we will co-create safety and agreements, participate in an opening meditation to ground and connect, followed by a grief ritual. All types of grief are welcome here: the loss of a loved one, rites of passage, a relationship ending, or any type of loss your heart is calling you to heal.

Once we have landed together, we will explore the healing powers of a gently guided somatic movement practice designed to help you gain more awareness of how your body experiences and expresses grief. Using principles from Somatic Experiencing and conscious dance practices, the combination of music, inquiry, and suggestions for exploring body sensations will address the many aspects of grief.

After we move, there will be time for journaling and integration followed by returning together as a community with an option to process and share about your experience.

You will leave with a greater understanding of your inner landscape and how to track and identify sensations of grief.

There is a variety of grief to bring forward, and all types of grief are welcome in this space.


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