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Navigating Anticipatory Grief Together - April

Navigating Anticipatory Grief Together - April
Our gatherings will be an opportunity to exchange tips, strategies, and insights on how to cope with the distinct challenges of Anticipatory Grief.

Discovering 'Anticipatory Grief' profoundly impacted me, highlighting a journey of both heartbreak and healing. It's a unique type of grief that often makes us feel incredibly alone.

I'm excited to invite you to our monthly virtual meet-up, where we'll explore and share our experiences with anticipative grief. Together, we'll exchange coping strategies and build a supportive community that values every story.

Everyone is welcome, whether you're just starting to process these emotions or have been on this path for a while. Bring a comforting item – a blanket, stuffed animal, or crystal – whatever makes you feel secure.

I'll be there to provide a supportive space and a listening ear, hoping that by sharing and listening, we'll find comfort, support, and direction in our collective journey through anticipatory grief.

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