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Navigating Anticipatory Grief Together - May

Navigating Anticipatory Grief Together - May

This is a digital event. You should receive information in your ticket or from the host about how to join online.

$15 - $35
Our gatherings will be an opportunity to exchange tips, strategies, and insights on how to cope with the distinct challenges of Anticipatory Grief.

Discovering 'Anticipatory Grief' profoundly impacted me, highlighting a journey of both heartbreak and healing. It's a unique type of grief that often makes us feel incredibly alone.

I'm excited to invite you to our monthly virtual meet-up, where we'll explore and share our experiences with anticipative grief. Together, we'll exchange coping strategies and build a supportive community that values every story.

Everyone is welcome, whether you're just starting to process these emotions or have been on this path for a while. Bring a comforting item – a blanket, stuffed animal, or crystal – whatever makes you feel secure.

I'll be there to provide a supportive space and a listening ear, hoping that by sharing and listening, we'll find comfort, support, and direction in our collective journey through anticipatory grief.

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