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Navigating Grief Through the Healing Lens of Photos

Navigating Grief Through the Healing Lens of Photos
Gather with us to explore the healing power of photos in the grieving process. Through sharing and open discussion, this is a safe and inclusive space to celebrate the lives of our loved ones.

Welcome to Through the Lens of Healing, a gathering to discover how photos can support the process of coping with grief. In this welcoming and accepting environment we will open ourselves to the transformative potential of grief and new ways to heal, while honoring and holding space for the memories of those we hold dear.

We invite all attendees to bring their photos and memories, and to share personal stories that hold a special place in your heart. Discover how these images can provide comfort and support, helping us in our healing process.

As End-of-life Doulas, Lori and Meghan are passionate about supporting individuals through end-of-life and grief experiences, holding a safe space for rest and companionship, and a welcoming environment for sharing if inspired to do so. We embrace JEDI principles and recognize the importance of human connection in the healing process we all seek.

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