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Open Your Heart - an art making to enrich your spirit

Hosted by Jennifer Ewing

Open Your Heart - an art making to enrich your spirit
Let your heart be your guide in this hands-on art making experience. When the heart leads the way, you find a deeper connection to your core and wisdom to move on with more courage.

When you act with an open heart, your life flows with more ease. In this workshop, you will explore a powerful and practical way to create a symbol of transformation. The take away will be a little hand held heart that can keep giving you direction.

Enjoy a supportive and enriching personal journey to transcend loss, grief and confusion. This simple folded paper vessel becomes a vehicle that can drive the shift you want to make.

It is ideal for anyone who is feeling the desire to create with their hands and explore a universal theme that brings in movement and fresh perspective.

Workshop is led by teaching artist, Jennifer Ewing, who believes that art holds the key for the transformation we need for our greater good. This is an extension of her long time project, Spirit Boats.


Ritual & Ceremony Visual Art Workshop
Spirituality Arts & Entertainment Innovation & Design