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Our Natural Rites of Passage

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Our Natural Rites of Passage
I invite you to join us as we reimagine and integrate new traditions + rituals of your life following Life's Natural Phases. Inviting you to deeply remember and observe what is being initiated.

We have natural phases as we age that mark a person's transformation into the next. In past and present Earth-based cultures have significant ceremonies and rituals revolving around marking that transitionary period of our life. A moment to remember and look back on as one changes and forms into what is being initiated. We still can see evident ones such as weddings, baptisms, Bat-mitzvah, bar mitzvah, however, we are missing key markers in our personal transformations. Do you ever wonder why we have so many life crises??

I invite you to reimagine the time periods of your life as rituals of transformation. We will go over anthropological + archaeological evidence to give us a new cosmo-vision, a new map of what could be. I invite you to join, so we can create a blueprint and integrate a new tradition you want for your life, and one that perhaps will be followed by the following generation.

Mariana Bandera is an anthropologist and archaeologist who has an affinity to ceremonies around the world that help preserve wisdom and remembrance. Under the guidance of her Mexica and Mayan mentors, she offers Cacao ceremonies and life story interviews for those who want to share their wisdom and heart with their family and loved ones as a form of Right of Passage.


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