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Our Soul's Voyage

Hosted by Passages

Our Soul's Voyage
Join us for a community event as we map the chapters of our life, as we remember them with great love and as lessons to share with the next generation.

All of us on this terrestrial plane, have gone through different experiences that have marked us, enlightened us, made us make a decision and showed us a mirror to reflect on. Each one of our maps is very different.

Join us in mapping our soul's voyage on this earth, creating symbolism to mark each chapter and integrating them into our life. Our soul is on this earth for a life mission- have we remembered what that was? Can you remember what you chose to heal and experience?

Mariana Bandera is an anthropologist and archaeologist who has an affinity to ceremonies around the world that help preserve wisdom and remembrance. Under the guidance of her Mexica and Mayan mentors, she offers Cacao ceremonies and life story interviews for those who want to share their wisdom and heart with their family and loved ones as a form of Right of Passage.

Ritual & Ceremony Storytelling Celebration & Remembrance Meditation


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