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Physical Absence, Enduring Presence: Grief & Psychedelics

Physical Absence, Enduring Presence: Grief & Psychedelics
The People of Color Psychedelic Collective presents a conversation on grief, loss, and psychedelics. Panelists will visit their experiences of processing grief, dying and death with psychedelics.

Although grief is a universal human experience, our walks with grief are unique and informed by our identities. As Black and brown people, we carry intergenerational and historical grief along with the weight of ongoing systemic oppression and racialization. What role might psychedelics have in tending to our acute and inherited grief? How can we reclaim and reinvent practices for moving with grief as people of color? Join us for a conversation about psychedelics in navigating grief and loss.

Talk, Panel, & Conversation


Wellness Spirituality End-of-Life Planning Grief Social Justice & Race