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Planning For Peace of Mind: Start Your Own Funeral Plan

Planning For Peace of Mind: Start Your Own Funeral Plan
Learn how easy it is to START a funeral plan. We'll walk you through the basics of planning and the REAL reasons to plan ahead. You'll walk away with the tools you need to start a plan right for you.

Starting a plan for your own funeral is the greatest act of kindness someone can provide for their community. Preparing a pre-planned funeral is a step toward peace of mind — for yourself and for those who survive you. A step toward healing your community — no matter how big or small you thought your impact was.

In this workshop, we'll help attendees discover their own personal "why" when it comes to the importance of building a memorial plan for their loved ones. We'll look at some of the 150+ decisions that need to be made and information that needs to be submitted to a funeral home once someone dies. Then we'll review some universal truths that happen when someone experiences a loss.

At the end of the event, we'll encourage attendees who are interested in pre-planning to investigate their local trusted funeral home. Or to do some self-initiated research on new memorial options.

We do not care *what* you plan — just that you *start* to plan.

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