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Re-Presenting Your Ancestors

Hosted by Ade Anifowose

Re-Presenting Your Ancestors
The answers to your quest for connection can be found in the wisdom of your ancestors. Embrace your family history to live more fully, even during chaos. Your ancestors are calling. Will you say Yes?

Honoring your ancestors opens the pathway to connection, strengthens your sense of belonging, and inspires a new way of living.

It is easy to feel overwhelmed when we look to institutions (that have been around for eons), people, places, and things to create changes that seem obvious to everyone. We forget our power-full inner resources that are our birthright, which empower us to weather the most traumatic experiences. Tapping into the ancient wisdom of our ancestors activates our response-ability to create a world that works for everyone.

We Will:

Delve into the meaning of our names to access the hidden wisdom, gifts, and talents that are encoded in our DNA.

Learn new ways of BEing that support us in stepping up, showing out, and taking inspired actions, in practical ways with the mundane and sacred moments of our life.

Learn how to be at peace with what arises from day to day.

Ritual & Ceremony Workshop Storytelling Community Gathering Meditation


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