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Redeeming Soul, Spirit And Self In Widowhood Grief

Hosted by Wyvonia Woods Harris( Wy), In honor of Silas Lee Harris Jr.

Redeeming Soul, Spirit And Self In Widowhood Grief
The Space of Widowhood is explored with the analogy of sky watching, moving through the seasons to find comfort and making changes.

Dee Dee Turpin @ and Wy Woods Harris, Patient Advocate Foundation volunteer and www. are exploring experiences related to widowhood grief with emphasis on Care Planning. Gary Roe is an award winning Author who will discuss his views on grief practices and share some affirmations. We will be seeking beautiful snippets from the participants.


Storytelling Celebration & Remembrance
End-of-Life Planning Grief

This event is in honor of Silas Lee Harris Jr.

I am honoring Silas Lee Harris whom I married September 3, 1975. He was my ultimate support in my career and ministry. He was an ancestor to many children, grandchildren and great grandchildren who will tell his story of life in years to come. He met presidents, celebrities from all over the world as a fifty year employee at The Peabody Grand Hotel of the South.