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Reimagine Death: How Transforming Loss Will Transform Life

Hosted by Reimagine

Reimagine Death: How Transforming Loss Will Transform Life
From AI and death tech to life extension and human composting, Silicon Valley has been abuzz with innovative visions of death. But what does it mean to integrate mortality, loss, and adversity in healthy and meaningful ways?

Join us for an enlightening event tailored for venture capitalists, technologists, psychologists, and all mortal beings. Meet luminaries from diverse fields, united by their service as board members of the organization Reimagine, which aims to help people and communities face the hard parts of life together. Each panelist will share their insights on death, loss, and grief and what it could mean to shift our cultural relationship to life’s biggest mystery.

🔹 Tim Chang: Venture capitalist and advocate of conscious living and investing, Tim explores embracing loss for holistic growth. He also shares insights on the challenges and opportunities of "death tech."

🔹 Sunil Verma: A Canopy member, investor, and founder. Sunil is passionate about seeing better end-of-life services scaled to the masses.

🔹 Jeannie Blaustein: A psychologist and death educator, Jeannie has gone from advocating preparedness for death to confronting her own life-threatening illness with lessons to share.

🔹 Leon Ford: Rising above profound tragedy and loss, Leon is a world-changing activist and subject matter expert on Post-Traumatic Growth following his widely publicized experience as the victim of police brutality and gun violence.

Initially spawned out of a project at IDEO, you’ll also learn more about Reimagine and its new forthcoming social platform for transmuting loss and pain into healing and growth.

🎤 Guiding this conversation is Brad Wolfe, founder and Executive Director of Reimagine, whose unyielding commitment is helping fuel a mortality movement.

🗓️ Mark your calendar for an evening that promises to reshape your perspective and illuminate the path from loss to renewal. Secure your seat now to be part of this poignant conversation at CANOPY.


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