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Reimagine Latinx Community Forum

Hosted by Reimagine, Mijente
Reimagine Latinx Community Forum

Wednesday, July 21

4:00pm-5:30pm PDT

This is a digital event. You should receive information in your ticket or from the host about how to join online.

If you identify as someone with origins in Latin America, join us to generate topics for future Table Talks, a conversation series by and for underrepresented communities.

Reimagine invites people who identify as Hispanic or Latino/a/x to meet one another for discussion focusing on this central question: What does it mean to live and die well? We recognize that the Latino/a/x community is made up of vast and diverse racial, ethnic, and national identities; does the concept of Latinidad provide us with a true sense of unity and belonging? And for the Latin American diaspora, who among us in the U.S. benefit most from social service and health care institutions? Who gets left behind? What is it going to take to narrow disparities? Your ideas from this conversation will inform future programs in Reimagine’s Table Talk series by and for the Latino/a/x community.

Facilitated by Francisca Porchas Coronado (she/her) and Diana Quinn (she/her), this forum will feature presentations from Table Talk speakers and Reimagine Senior Programmer Andrew Ingall (he/him). It is co-hosted with Mijente, a political home for Latinx and Chicanx people who seek racial, economic, gender and climate justice. Among their principles of unity is the goal of achieving el buen vivir and self-determining our future.

Live Spanish-language interpretation will be available and live transcription will be available upon request by contacting

About Table Talk

A Table Talk is an honest, lively, and unscripted conversation among health professionals, spiritual and faith-based leaders, artists and other creative individuals to address this central question: "What does it mean to live and die well in our respective communities?" Every community and culture -- Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian American, Disabled, LGBTQ+, etc. -- has its own unique perspective and shared truth. We face tremendous challenges in dealing with serious illness, dying, grief, discrimination, and inequity. At the same time we search for space to connect, flourish, remember, and celebrate.

Many of us describe more than one of these groups as home, and many of us have experienced oppression based on multiple aspects of our intersecting identities: race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and more. At present, we have few spaces to talk about these questions freely, in ways that make sense for who we are. That’s why Reimagine launched Table Talk. While this ongoing series is explicitly created by and for underrepresented communities, we invite people of all backgrounds to join us to witness, listen and learn. Ultimately we are creating space rooted in the principles of Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion in order for everyone to thrive.

Facilitator Bios

Francisca Porchas Coronado (she/her) is a Mexican immigrant, Chicana, Latinx, feminist, and anti-racist organizer with over 15 years of organizing experience. Francisca has worked on issues of civil rights, environmental and climate justice, criminalization, and immigration at the intersection of race and class at a local and national level. She was a Lead Organizer in climate and environmental justice issues for a decade in Los Angeles where she worked on issues of climate and environmental justice,and the criminalization and incarceration of communities of color. As former Organizing Director of Puente Human Rights Movement in Phoenix she has been one of the leading voices against deportations of migrants in the country. Her work is rooted in the belief that low income people of color, especially Black and Latinx people have the power to transform themselves, each other and their communities.

As the recipient of the 2017 Nathan Cummings Foundation Fellowship, Francisca founded Healing in Resistance, a wellness project that centers the healing of Latinx migrant peoples on the front lines of the fight for migrant rights. Francisca is the founder and national coordinator of Latinx Therapists Action Network, a growing network linking Latinx therapists to front line migrant rights organizations working with communities under assault in need of mental health support. She is currently a practitioner in-training of Peter Levine's Somatic Experiencing Trauma Healing Program. Ms. Porchas Coronado has been initiated into the ancient, indigenous tradition of IFA for over a decade and is currently a priestess in training.

Diana Quinn ND (she/her) is a licensed naturopathic doctor with a focus on integrative mental health, grief and end of life, and sacred plant medicine. Her work is grounded in healing justice, a framework that aims to intervene on generational trauma and bring collective practices to transform the consequences of oppression. She is a queer Chicana, offering cultural work for community care that centers BI&POC and the 2SLGBTQIA+ community. She is a student of curanderismo, a syncretic system of holistic medicine that has been central in her healing and reconnection with her Mexican ancestry. She offers her work in dedication to restoring the sacred in living and dying, to the merit of her ancestors, and with gratitude to her many teachers, for the benefit of all beings.


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