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Reimagining Death

Hosted by Passages

Reimagining Death
A deep cross-cultural exploration of our ancestor's views of death followed by a meditation and an invitation to reimagine our relation to our death, death itself, and how it can affect living life.

Join us on this journey of reimagining Death.

"Death is the only friend who has been by my side the whole time- a true witness to my life."

In many earth-based cultures around the world, we see that death is a living entity or spirit that guides us- it has an essence. In some cases, like the Mexica-Azteca, there is no word for death; rather, we transcend and go back to the fountain of life. This voyage to the other side can be seen from the Incas to the Celtics to the Mayans. Our earthly ancestors have gifted us a blueprint for death and how we can relate to it, so we don't have to suffer when it is time- however, and whenever that is.

Join us as the veil thins for us to access the unseen world on this journey to Reimagining Death. Our Platica consists of material sharing, a deep guided meditation, and community integration through art and sharing.

Mariana Bandera is an anthropologist and archaeologist who has an affinity to ceremonies around the world that help preserve wisdom and remembrance. Under the guidance of her Mexica and Mayan mentors, she offers Cacao ceremonies and life story interviews for those who want to share their wisdom and heart with their family and loved ones as a form of Right of Passage.


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