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Resilient Leadership Mastery

Hosted by Lee Atherton

Resilient Leadership Mastery
Overwhelmed, exhausted, want to shut down? Worried about your productivity? Afraid you’ll break down, not look professional? Get the tools to serve confidently!

In the program:

· 6 collaborate & learn sessions (access to recordings)

· A safe place to share & receive support

· Access to Resilient Leaders private Facebook group

· VIP 1:1 60-minute Consultation with Lee

· Access to “7 Self-Care Snippets” video series

· Bonus Access to industry expert interviews

· Bonus eBood "Don't Let The Well Run Dry"

· Create a lasting legacy of personal resiliency

· Have the knowledge and confidence that you will survive crisis

· Know how to show up in your professional world without losing your composure

· Have a better understanding of your unique "self" and how to be in confidence

· Have a personalized self-care plan to refill your well of all you give to others

· Have a community of support to rely on that you can reach out to any time of day or night

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