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Share Your Story: Kris Rencher, nurse, mom, and grandma

Hosted by Grieving Coach

Share Your Story: Kris Rencher, nurse, mom, and grandma
Everyone has a story. Our experiences make us who we are. In this podcast-like series Grief Coach Jenny Dilts brings others to share their story as we discover the extraordinary in ordinary people.

Have you ever wondered what makes someone tick? Why do they do the work they do?

This will be a special episode where I will be interviewing my amazing mom, Kris Rencher. She is a grandma, mom, nurse, and family history buff. She has an incredible gift of connecting with people, especially children and teenagers. Kris has a huge heart and finds joy in spoiling the children in her life, regardless of what age they are and how they are connected with her. She is passionate about reforming the healthcare system so it can better care for its workers and the people it serves.


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