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Tell Your Story Your Way (A Eulogy-Writing Experience)

Tell Your Story Your Way (A Eulogy-Writing Experience)
Your eulogy is YOUR opportunity for final words to your most captive audience! Don't rely on someone else to sum up your life! This 2 hour workshop may be the most important of the week. Join us!!

"Tell Your Story Your Way - (A Eulogy-Writing Experience)" is a 2-hour live virtual journey in which you will be writing your own eulogy. Catherine Turner is a licensed and accredited End-of-Life Planning Facilitator and will guide you to a place of understanding what really matters to you, how to best communicate that and mostly, WHY it is so important that these final words be yours. This is a fun and interactive experience. Catherine's work helps clients make numerous important end-of-life decisions, to keep families from suffering the burdens, chaos and questions that often occur after a death in the family.

Be sure to include your email in the registration as there will be worksheets emailed to you prior to the event. This is free and all Catherine asks is that you get your eulogy complete and let others know about this offering!



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