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The Anthropology of Death

Hosted by Passages

The Anthropology of Death
An anthropological exploration of the themes of death in various cultures. Each month we gather on the Mayan day of Kame to speak about death.

Along the Nile, death was not seen as the end of existence, but as a way to access the other world. To understand the ancient Egyptians' attitude towards death, it is necessary to understand that the living and the dead were considered members of the same community. Therefore, the dead continued to play an essential role in influencing the daily affairs of the living. The Nile River is extremely important in the flourishing of Egypt, as it is identified as a reflection of the Milky Way on Earth. This sacred geography organizes the space of the ancient Egyptians and that of the living and the dead.

In this upcoming gathering, we will explore Earth as our oldest living ancestor and what our Ancient Egyptian Ancestors have to teach us about the living landscapes of the living and the dead. Join us for a material share and guided meditation. Life is a ceremony, we invite you to ritualize this time.


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