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The Compassionate Path to Success

Hosted by Cynthia Phelps

The Compassionate Path to Success
Don't you get in your own way on the path to success. We will dive into why inner compassion is a super power to help you reduce your negative voices and really get what you want out of life!

Join us for the InnerAlly Compassion Practice Group where we will be focusing on the topic of SUCCESS and how we can utilize self-compassion to clear the path.

Sometimes WE are the biggest obstacles in the path to what we really want in life.

In this session we will share about some of the inner voices that keep success at bay and how we can create a more kind and supportive inner voice to guide us towards success.

Session Flow: 10 minutes topic discussion,15 minutes group practice, 20 minutes sharing and discussion.

This is a BEGINNER friendly event and is a gentle, welcoming, and trauma informed mindfulness practice.

Dr. Phelps is a CCARE Stanford Ambassador of Compassion, International Speaker, Certified Mindfulness Instructor, and founder of InnerAlly, a Trauma Informed company building tools, courses, and mobile apps to improve mental wellness based on the science of self-compassion. She has extensive experience in learning and behavior change and has been developing mental health tools since 2009. Her background in pharmacology and neuroscience helps her create programs and products for effective health behavior change. Cynthia started InnerAlly after having a profound recovery experience with implementing self-compassion in her own life, and now she teaches and does personal coaching to help others to make their own breakthroughs. InnerAlly celebrates the power of creating a kind and supportive inner voice to change your life for the better.

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