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Reimagine: Grief, Growth, and Action
This event was part of Reimagine: Grief, Growth, and Action

Healing The Ancestral Womb

Hosted by Joan Rupram

Healing The Ancestral Womb
Ignite the Healing Presence as The Healer you Are. Together We Will Walk The Matrilineal Universe and Ignite Our Healing Presence To Heal Our Collective Ancestral Womb

In The Flame of the Crystalline Heart, ALL is transformed

We're at a time where many Hearts are called to expand and ignite the Healer within. The Global Family is navigating a Grand Collective Shift together, where everyone's individual Spirit Work is different

Healers are awakening and Being Called to The Walk! As the Divine Feminine Rises The Goddexx emerges in this Flame of Love to Heal the perception of separation from Wholeness

Together we will journey into the Cosmic Womb and Heal All Residual Ancestral Wounding in a 4 Week Ceremony

Week 1: Activating Your Crystalline Heart

Week 2: Seeding The Violet Ray

Week 3: Healing Ceremony

Week 4: Culmination Ceremony

Opening Ceremony is Nov 6 2021 for a small circle of 6-8

This event is gender fluid and non menstruating bodies are encouraged to lend their Healing Presence to The Divine Feminine Rising

Cosmic Womb Healing Radiates The Healing Light for All to Heal from Separation and is a journey of Spiritual & Energetic Healing brought to you by Satyagraha Healing House


Ritual & Ceremony Meditation