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Reimagine: Grief, Growth, and Action
This event was part of Reimagine: Grief, Growth, and Action

Transform Grief to Resilience: What You Learned from Grief

Transform Grief to Resilience: What You Learned from Grief
Join us in this highly interactive workshop to explore what your losses have taught you about life--and yourself. And how these lessons have made you more resilient than you ever realized

In school, lessons come before the test, but in life, it's the tests we face that teach us the biggest lessons.

This interactive workshop will walk you through a simple yet powerful exercise to show you how the losses you've experienced in life have shaped you into the person you are now. And, how some of those lessons may be keeping you from realizing just how resilient you truly are.

This is a safe, confidential, and non-judgmental space where you can share about your loss and the lessons you've learned, while hold space to hear from others as well. You'll need a pen, a piece of paper and an open heart to participate.

This hour long session is hosted by Professional Certified Life and Grief Coach, Nesreen Ahmed, MS, PCC, CPQC. After the sudden loss of her older sister in 2013, Nesreen started her journey towards healing and helping others. She left her successful career working on Broadway and Television shows to pursue her passion in helping people heal and recover after loss.

You'll receive the zoom link and password after registering for the event.

Contact Nesreen at with questions.

Sliding scale pricing is available for this event but please note that refunds will not be provided.

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