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Reimagine: Grief, Growth, and Action
This event was part of Reimagine: Grief, Growth, and Action

What Things bring you joy, magic & meaning?

Hosted by Show & Tales

What Things bring you joy, magic & meaning?
A show & tell hosted by Martie McNabb with former editor of Life magazine, & What We Keep co-author Bill Shapiro and YOU!

Show & Tell or Look & Listen

A story-sharing gathering hosted by Martie McNabb of Show & Tales with What We Keep co-author Bill Shapiro and some very special guests! See full list below*.

Look around your space…. What photos &/or objects would tell your life story? We know that Things have a way of holding memories of the people, places & experiences that make up our life’s journey.

I’m grateful to have connected to other’s who are as fascinated with the stories of “stuff” as I am.

*Special guests are: Matt Paxton host of Hoarders & My Legacy List, Cathi Nelson founder of The Photo Managers, Sky Bergman filmmaker of Lives Well Lived, Maureen Taylor aka The Photo Detective, Kathy Stone founder of Calgary Photo Solutions, Faith Van Wart founder of Adventures with Photos, Caroline Guntur founder of Organizing Photos, Rachel LaCour Niesen of Save Family Photos, Andrew Lear of Oscar Wilde Tours, Tilly Hinton of Good is Better, Rachel Kodanaz on Embracing Life’s Challenges, Gail Rubin aka The Doyenne of Death ®, Judy Easley Shutts of Voices in Time, Travis Sherry of Location Indie, Leslie Horn Trosset of Leslie Horn Marketing, Nora Dunn aka The Professional Hobo and last but not least Rev. Yolanda.

Community Gathering


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