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Conversation Sabbath, a program of The Conversation Project, is joining Reimagine End of Life NYC, Reimagine week is October 27 – November 3, 2018. Designed to engage members of New York’s many faith communities in this essential conversation, Conversation Sabbath takes place October 26 – October 28, 2018.

In partnership with NYC faith institutions and coalitions, The Conversation Project, and What Matters: Caring Conversations About End of Life, Reimagine is inviting clergy throughout New York City to preach, teach and engage about the vital importance of having values-centered conversations with our loved ones about what is most important when it comes to care at the end of life so that our wishes are honored and our passage smooth.

We know that our understanding about end of life care is often influenced by guidance from our spiritual and faith traditions. We hope a city-wide discussion across faiths will encourage deeper engagement with and sharing of each tradition’s wisdom in this landscape and inspire congregants to continue the discussion with friends and loved ones. Being a part of Reimagine week is an opportunity to connect with a broad community and ensure that your values and teachings are included in a wide range of thought provoking programming.

There is no singular way to do this. You know your congregants/organization best. Our hope is simply to get us all to talk more about end of life - express concerns, ask questions, consider decisions, and identify what’s important to think about over the course of the week. Here are some suggestions to consider:

  • A short piece in your e-newsletter
  • A post-service panel + discussion or film screening + panel discussion on related topics, or other programming (palliative care; hospice; caregiver burden are a few examples)
  • A sermon or other form of conversation on:
    • The importance of filling out an Advance Care Planning Directive and talking to loved ones.
    • Reflections on the ways we approach death and what your tradition offers.
    • Your tradition on how we gather to support someone at the end of life.
    • Your tradition on how we choose treatment that is life sustaining or gives us comfort to the end.

Reimagine is providing free resources and training for clergy and laypersons in advance of Conversation Sabbath.

Training takes place Tuesday, Oct. 16, 9am – 12:30pm and includes training on how to use PREPARE for Your Care and The Conversation Project Stater Conversation materials and workshops with your congregations, as well as discussion on pastoral care around end-of life issues. Check Resources to learn more about PREPARE, What Matters, and The Conversation Project.

During Reimagine week, we are hosting free workshops across the city for congregants to learn more about advance care planning, CLICK HERE to see an online listing in our schedule. A PDF flyer of scheduled workshops is coming soon.

If you think members of your congregation would be interested in volunteering, we are also having training sessions for interested volunteers, and are recruiting English and bilingual English- Spanish and English- Mandarin and Cantonese speakers. It’s a wonderful opportunity to gain the skill of opening up this conversation with friends and loved ones. Here is the Volunteer Training Sign-up.

We hope you will join us for Conversation Sabbath. It will make a difference in how everyone’s unique wishes for end of life care are expressed and respected.

Questions? Rachel Lovett