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The Conversation Project – Conversation Sabbath

The Conversation Project has varied resources to help clergy and congregations address end-of-life issues, including sample sermons and a guide for engaging your congregation. In addition, CLICK HERE to access Conversation Starter Kits, to help you start a conversation about your end of life health care wishes. Starter kits are available in 14 languages

What Matters: Caring Conversations About End of Life

What Matters: Caring Conversations About End of Life is an initiative of the Jewish community of New York that engages individuals in compassionate, value-driven conversations about advance care planning. What Matters conversations are designed to help you clarify your goals and wishes regarding your future healthcare choices though group-facilitated conversations, so that your healthcare choices will be known, respected and honored. There is no agenda from facilitators, and no desired outcome. The workshop will guide you through this decision-making process, and help you to: identify qualities to look for in a healthcare agent, someone who can speak on your behalf if you’re unable to do so yourself; complete or update an advance directive; and have "the conversation" with loved ones. Presented in English.

CLICK HERE to go to our Advance Care Planning Resource page to access important Advance Care Planning documents and learn about the free Advance Care Planning workshops we are offering.

PDF of ACP workshops and locations *coming soon*