Event Hosting

Reimagine End of Life works by empowering community members and organizations to host or participate in new events.

What types of events can I host?

We collaborate with local individuals and organizations to program events from a variety of perspectives in the fields of arts and entertainment; spirituality and religion; healthcare and social services; and design and innovation.

You can host almost any kind of event you can dream up! It must help spark a more conscious conversation about end of life, and align with our values of inclusivity, diversity, and accessibility. In addition, we encourage interdisciplinary experiences. But the content, format, and location for the event are up to you.

Event types: workshops, concerts, art exhibits, conversations, rituals, film, performances, talks, games, comedy, dance, meditations, theater, end of life planning, food, storytelling, etc.

Venue examples: theaters, parks, galleries, cemeteries, offices, houses of worship, hospitals, homes, community centers, senior centers, restaurants, etc.

Check out events from past Reimagine festivals for inspiration:

- SF April 2018

- NYC October 2018

What is the timeline?

Our upcoming festivals are:

San Francisco: Oct. 24 - Nov. 3, 2019*

New York City: Spring 2020 (dates TBA)

Additional cities: Coming soon!

Below is the high-level timeline for the SF festival this October. NOTE: The public call for submissions period is now closed.

June 9: Open call for submissions period closes.

June 14: Receive notification about your event concept proposal acceptance.

June 17: Receive notification about mini-grant awards.

July 17: Finalize all of your event and ticketing information for inclusion on the website.

*NOTE: You can host events from Oct. 25 - Nov. 2 (Oct. 24 and Nov. 3 – the first and last day of the festival – are held for Reimagine Opening and Closing Events).

How do we work together?

What Reimagine expects of collaborators:

Reimagine is a small (but mighty) team, and we depend on collaborators to be self-directed and resourceful to turn their event into a reality. You’re expected to produce all aspects of your event and promote it.

What collaborators can expect from Reimagine:

Reimagine amplifies your individual efforts through...

- our robust support processes and customized technologies

- inclusion in our festival programming, ticketing, and marketing

- an amazing interdisciplinary community of collaborators

As a Reimagine collaborator, you'll have an opportunity to get curious and creative; grow your skills as an experience designer; gain new audiences; forge new relationships; be part of something bigger than all of us.

Join us!

Interested in Collaborating?

NOTE: Our public call for submissions period for San Francisco has closed for 2019. If you would like to stay informed about becoming a collaborator for our 2020 NYC festival and/or a future SF festival, please click the button below and fill out our collaborator interest form.