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Reimagine: Grief, Growth, and Action

September 27th - December 9th, 2021

To help repair broken hearts and a broken world, it is important to remain steadfast in our belief that beautiful things can come from the hardest places, and that we’re more powerful when we come together to grieve, grow, and take action.

Reimagine: Grief, Growth, and Action

We are excited to announce our Reimagine fall theme: Grief, Growth and Action.

From September 27 to December 9, we are going to begin a new journey together.

On both an individual and collective level, sometimes it feels like the hard stuff comes at us fast and furious. This has certainly been one of those periods. It’s difficult to fathom what we have lost and continue to lose along the way: from loved ones, to friends, to relationships, to jobs, to a sense of togetherness, to the way of life we used to know. We feel loss, and we often feel lost, with so much to grieve.

But we shouldn’t turn away. We believe that beautiful things can come from the hardest places.

We are inviting you, our Reimagine community, to be a part of this seasonal co-creation.

We'll be developing offerings for all those who want to face the hard parts of life, together, and wish to channel our adversities, losses, and mortality into meaningful action and growth.

Growth after trauma

We want to inspire you to experience and create events with Reimagine that allow for education, for being, for sharing, for reshaping, and for doing. Together, we can lean into these tenets of what is called “Trauma-Related Growth,” the scientific phenomenon that some people actually come to flourish through a traumatic experience. That happens naturally in approximately 10% of people.

But we believe it can be for all of us.

Let's create together

Be a part of this transformation by hosting your own Reimagine event. All events are welcome, from conversation salons, yoga and movement classes, grief groups, musical performances, and beyond. Your gifts and curiosity are needed. Get creative and submit your event ideas today!