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Life is beautiful and unpredictable. Whether you’re 18 or 88, considering and talking about end of life wishes ahead of time can allow end of life to be more meaningful than stressful and be a gift to loved ones seeing you through to the end. By discussing them today, we give ourselves the chance to live our lives fully right up until the end. It’s important to communicate your wishes to someone who you trust to honor them and help carry them out. You can also help others you love identify their wishes.

To help you get started, we are holding various kinds of Advance Care Planning workshops across the City - see About and Schedule below - and we have provided a variety of Resources.

Volunteer Opportunity! We are recruiting and training volunteers to be facilitators for our Advance Care Planning workshops. We need English and bilingual English- Spanish and English- Mandarin and Cantonese. The skills you learn in the training can also be used to open conversations with friends and loved ones. Here is the Volunteer Training Sign-up; go to Resources to learn about the three kinds of workshops we are offering.


CLICK HERE to learn the basics of what’s important to think about when it comes to Advance Care Planning and which of our four types of workshops is right for you. They are being held in English, Spanish, Mandarin and Cantonese.


CLICK HERE to see a full schedule of Advanced Care Planning events and reserve your tickets. You can also call the ticket hotline at (866) 247-7828.


CLICK HERE to explore practical and thoughtful online resources, access important Advance Care Planning documents, and learn about the Advance Care Planning workshops we are offering.

You can also learn about our Advance Care Planning Workshops by visiting our schedule page.