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Artifacts & Totems (Pandemic Edition)

Hosted by Show & Tales

Artifacts & Totems (Pandemic Edition)
Has it really been two years since the start of #lockdown #stayhome #pandemic? What did you save from your time in quarantine? What are you saving still? What Things will tell YOUR pandemic story?

It’s hard to believe it’s been two years since the start of #lockdown #stayhome #pandemic here in the US!

It’s been both a difficult & beautiful time for me. How about you?

Do you remember where you were when you first learned of this virus? (btw did you know that there’s a virus appreciation day?)

What did you save from your time in quarantine? What are you saving still?

Bring your the “things” you save & share their/your stories with fellow travelers through these uncertain times.

And by the way Museums & Historical Societies want your pandemic stuff and stories.

We are ALWAYS living history but now more than ever we KNOW it and these institutions are moving quickly to document our experiences while we’re living them.

Join us to share a bit of your pandemic story through a Thing you keep. Show & Tell or Look & Listen.

Bring a photo or object from your Covid-19 collection and share its tale at our Show & Tales.

Did you send more handwritten cards? Or make greeting cards and send them to your loved ones? I know I did!

Did you make signs? #stayhome or #blacklivesmatter

Were you the #designatedshopper? Are you keeping a journal or documenting your new life as a homeschooling leader/teacher and and and????

Are you writing songs or poetry about this time?

Virtual museum visits or are you teaching or taking online classes you never thought you would before 2020?

Have you bought some special things for yourself this year? What did you do instead of take that trip you’d been planning for years?

You get the picture. Every Thing has a story©.

Bring these & any other object that has a story to show and tell.

Like Antiques Roadshow meets The Moth or Pinterest but in person.

And remember you don’t have to show & tell… you can just look & listen.


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