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This event was part of A Dose of Togetherness

Friday's Dose of Togetherness: Finding Awe with Stacy Bare and Gratitude with Belinda Liu

Hosted by Reimagine

Join adventurer, Stacy Bare, as he shares his reflections about how to seek awe and beauty during this time of pandemic and minimized movement in home. The gathering will begin with a guided reflection by Belinda Liu, founder of Gratitude Blooming, and end with small group breakout groups. All times are Pacific.

Stacy Bare, founder of Adventure United, is a husband, father, climber, and skier. He served nearly seven years in the US Army with tours in Bosnia and Baghdad. He also served as an explosive ordnance disposal technician in Angola and Abkhazia. Following his return from war, Stacy used climbing and skiing to overcome addiction and suicidal ideation. He and Dacher Keltner launched the Great Outdoors Lab during Stacy’s time as Director, Sierra Club Outdoors to understand the scientific benefits of time outdoors and the role the emotion of awe plays in its benefit. Stacy is also a National Geographic Adventurer of the Year and film producer with expeditions and films completed or in post-productiont o Angola, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kyrgyzstan. More info can be found at

Check out his new virtual adventure program here:

Belinda Liu is a Bay Area teacher, community builder, and social entrepreneur. Her superpowers are shining a light on people’s strengths, bringing them out into the world, and creating life-changing group learning experiences. She and her team create beautiful, nature-inspired tools and spaces for people to learn, grow and connect.

Belinda is the founder of Gratitude Blooming, an organization that combines art, nature and reflective inquiry into inspiring gratitude-based tools and experiences for personal insight, human connection and social change. She and her husband also co-founded Hestia Retreat Center in Mount Shasta, CA, a magical 10-acre sanctuary for individuals and groups to explore and live their purpose from the inside out.

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