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A Dose of Togetherness
This event was part of A Dose of Togetherness

Wednesday's Dose of Togetherness: The Art of Embracing the Unknown with Alua Arthur

Hosted by Reimagine

In this Dose of Togetherness, experience a guided meditation and reflection from renowned death doula, Alua Arthur. Then take your learnings and connect with your digital neighbors from across the world. All times are Pacific Time.

In a lot of ways our current experience mirrors the end of life experience and as a death doula, I've had the honor of sitting sidecar as people navigate an experience that feels out of control. Together, we will explore techniques that are helpful as one nears the end of life to ground in the known and prepare for the unknown.

Alua Arthur is a death doula, attorney, and the founder of Going with Grace, an end of life planning and training organization that exists to support people as they answer the question 'What must I do to be at peace with myself so that I may live presently and die peacefully?' Through private end of life consultations to online coursework to train death doulas, she is tirelessly committed to bringing awareness to death and dying which she believes can inspire the way people live. A jewelry addict, Alua is also a life lover, donut fanatic, and an avid international traveler to places off the beaten path. She is inspired by the gift of LIFE and the little joys we can find even in dark times.

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