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Cessation Show & Tell: After-Life Object Storytelling

Hosted by Heartrooms
Cessation Show & Tell: After-Life Object Storytelling

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What if you could bring one object with you to your after-life? In this workshop we will share one item from our lives that holds distinct energy and essence - we will honor this object with ritual.

"When humanists accuse people of 'treating humans like an object,' they are thoroughly unaware that they are treating objects unfairly." - Bruno Latour (french philosopher)

The things of our lives carry a history and hold meaning. This workshop will unravel the story of your most coveted object- a piece so significant you want to have it in your after-life. The show and tell aspect will enlist a new sense of wonderment for your prized possession and the cleansing ritual at the end will leave you with your object awakened.

Meeting ID: 846 3793 4041

Password: 870666


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