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This event was part of Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love

Wednesday's Dose of Togetherness: Tapping into Inner Wisdom

Hosted by Reimagine

Learn from Belinda on how to tap into your inner wisdom through connection with Mother Nature. The session will begin with a guided mediation and end with small group breakout sessions.

During this time of great uncertainty and rapid change, how do we make decisions about our lives and our work from our inner wisdom and authority?

Belinda Liu, a Bay Area community builder, teacher and social artist, leads us through a simple, restorative process for tuning inward and connecting with the wisdom of nature for guidance and inspiration.

The session will begin with a grounding springtime meditation followed by guided self-inquiry around a question that feels most alive for us in the moment. In small breakouts, we will receive clarity and insight from a group gratitude practice and close together with a ritual to honor Mother Nature.


Belinda is the founder of Gratitude Blooming, an organization that combines art, nature and self-inquiry into inspiring gratitude-based tools and experiences for personal insight, human connection and social change.

As a former Teach For America teacher, China Fulbright Scholar, education reform leader and tech entrepreneur, Belinda is deeply embedded in diverse local and global communities. Her superpowers are shining a light on people’s strengths, bringing them out into the world, and creating life-changing group learning experiences.

She and her husband also co-founded Hestia Retreat Center in Mount Shasta, CA, a magical 10-acre sanctuary for individuals and groups to explore and live their purpose from the inside out.

Ritual & Ceremony