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Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love
This event was part of Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love

Guided Visualization: Crossing Over to the Land of the Dead

Guided Visualization: Crossing Over to the Land of the Dead
Using guided visualization and Active Imagination, participants will be taken on a symbolic journey into the "land of the dead" to explore unconscious ideas we have about dying and the "other side."

The Land of the Dead is a recurring symbol in myth, religion, and art across the world. This guided ceremony will rely on archetypical notions of this symbolic realm derived from the collective unconscious. Participants will be asked to imagine their ideal final moments before being guided away from the land of the living and ferried to the "other side."

Once there, participants will engage in Active Imagination, a type of introspective meditation developed by psychologist C. G. Jung in order to explore what images and feelings arise for people around the notion of death. What we see in our visualizations may be informative of our current emotional disposition toward death.

Afterward, participants will be asked to create an "artifact" of their journey, either with writing or drawing. There will be an opportunity to share experiences for those who'd like to do so.


Daniel Lev Shkolnik is a writer and Humanist working to adapt psychological tools from philosophical and spiritual traditions for modern use, regardless of metaphysical belief.


Ritual & Ceremony Storytelling