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Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love
This event was part of Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love

Motherless Mother's Day: Ritual macrame w/Leaves With You

Motherless Mother's Day: Ritual macrame w/Leaves With You
Join, Leaves With You founder, Shaina Garfield, for a creative ritual workshop.

This event is part of the Motherless Mother's Day series. Motherless Mother's Day events are by donation and ALL funds generated will go directly to each individual event's host. You will receive a link to donate in a follow up email!

Join, Leaves With You founder, Shaina Garfield, for a creative ritual workshop. Using the technique of tying rope called macrame, we will be weaving wall hangings to tell your personal story and honor your mother. Shaina will teach the group in how to tie the knots and then provide prompts of memorializing and breathing as your weave your art. This workshop uses creativity as a form of healing, as we all have a natural creative capacity. After the ritual, you will then have your personal work of art to revisit over time.

Supplies needed:

  • Macrame rope – Total 80 feet (suggested 5mm thick) OR one old t-shirt*
  • Wooden dowel, stick, or rod – 1 foot long (suggested about 1/4 inch diameter)
  • Scissors
  • Tape measure or yardstick

*We thought of a fun alternative weaving material that may be more accessible during this time – you can cut an old t-shirt into strips, similar to rope! However, check your local stores, as they still may be open.

Upon registration, you will receive videos with clear instructions on how to set up your wall hanging, both for rope and a t-shirt.

Buying tips:

Check out your local craft or hardware stores, as they may be open!

If ordering materials, order as soon as possible to avoid shipping delays.

Since you are able to purchase your own materials, don’t forget to personalize your colors!

Here are some resources for ordering:

  1. Amazon has many rope options, but make sure to checking arrival date and shipping takes longer
  2. Etsy has quite a lot of rope sellers, including these two companies, Brightly Braided and Ganxxet which have quick shipping times

About the host: Shaina Garfield is the founder of Leaves With You. She has dedicated her life to supporting healing processes in our cultural relationship to death. She founded Leaves With You to help others feel more connected to one another and the Earth when they or a loved one are at the end of their life. Shaina draws on her design background and meditation practice to hold space for the families with whom she co-creates coffins and rituals. Shaina designs the biodegradable coffins provided by Leaves With You. She also teaches workshops on the use of art and meditation to process death and designs custom End-of-life ceremonies.


Ritual & Ceremony Visual Art Workshop