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Embodying Grief Through Song

Embodying Grief Through Song
Singing is the language of grief, praise & wonder. Learn simple songs while exploring grief as a healthy response to losing something you love. Understand the importance of grieving in community.

Join song leader, death educator, ceremonialist, Sarina Partridge and Anne Murphy in an exploration of embodiment, grief, and song.

Singing is the language of grief, praise, and wonder. Learn simple songs to support you during these uncertain and changing times. Join us as we explore grief as a healthy and necessary response to losing someone or something that you. Come to have a greater understanding of the importance of grieving in the community. We will be recording this if you can’t make the call.

Sarina Partridge, singing is the language of grief and praise, wonder, and wisdom; we sing the world we want to inhabit, and we sing to understand the world we live in now. Sarina is a musician, song-leader and educator in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She feels most alive when learning, creating and sharing songs. Sarina performs, teaches, and tours with a wide variety of music projects - Eastern European and Yiddish song, old-time music, community song-leading... and everything in between. She leads a community choir in Minneapolis and has a passion for connecting people with their own creativity and with community. For more information

Anne Murphy, bringing ceremony to life with a hands-on approach to death. Celebrant, home vigil guide, and death educator. Anne is trained in the art of supporting individuals and families through the season of death and dying through heart-centered, compassionate and meaningful conversations, rituals, and ceremonies. Anne is the co-founder of the Minnesota Death Collaborative and serves on the Minnesota Threshold Network Leadership Committee and recently completed her term at the National Home Funeral Alliance Board. For more information:

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