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Grief and Gratitude: A Conscious Dance (a pre-retreat event)

Hosted by Cida Vieira

Grief and Gratitude: A Conscious Dance (a pre-retreat event)
Heading into weekend, Cida invites you to take a moment to dance your gratitude, or your sorrow, or both... This is a pre-retreat event for The Gratitude Gathering.

With Thanksgiving just around the corner in a year as challenging as 2020 has been, the invitation is for you to take a moment to dance your emotions.

In preparation for The Gratitude Gathering, join Cida in this pre-retreat movement practice. Loosen up your body, connect with your community, and prepare for the upcoming weekend of events.

NOTE: Registration for Cida's event is separate from The Gratitude Gathering. To get access to The Gratitude Gathering events, Nov. 20 - Dec. 5, register here.

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven..." - Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

We see images everywhere of what the holidays are supposed to look like with family and friends, but since our reality looks so different this year: perhaps giving thanks might be difficult while experiencing the pain of having lost a loved one, or a job, or a dream. .. Or perhaps you do feel like taking a moment to start reflecting on the blessings that you've been able to find in the midst of all the challenges taking place. Regardless of where you are, my goal is to hold a safe and sacred container so you can have an inquire into your needs and intentions for the upcoming holidays - knowing that it is ok to acknowledge the fact that you may not feel like being grateful, and that you don’t need to stuff your feelings for the benefit of other people.

The invitation is for you to breath with awareness, to step with intention, and to let your body be moved from within. Through this conscious dance practice you will be inspired to allow new personal insights to emerge, and to allow your capacity to co-create a more humane world. So, are you willing to join this dance with an open heart and with curiosity?

We will welcome everybody in a supportive and non-judgmental atmosphere. No previous experience is necessary. Just bring your precious self, and come as you are.

Have a yoga mat or blanket for floor work

Please note: this is a participatory event and it would be greatly appreciated if all who attend can keep their video on in order to contribute to a safe space during our time together.


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