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Creating Space
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Mortality Meditation, a Death Awareness Practice

Hosted by Sierra Campbell

Mortality Meditation, a Death Awareness Practice
Nurture yourself with a one hour guided practice. We begin with intention setting, breath + body awareness, and move into holding space for an ever-more meaningful relationship with mortality.

In this meditation we will explore our relationship to mortality. We will embrace the challenging parts through a skillfully guided one hour meditation with death doula, Sierra Campbell. This meditation will enrich your relationship with your WHOLE self and with all of your relations.

Proper set up for this experience is key. It's absolutely OK to join for this meditation from the comfort of your bed. You will want pillows under your knees, neck, and maybe even your arms. Maximum comfort for deep rest. The audio will be recorded and a link sent to you the following week. Sierra will stay on after the meditation for discussion and Q&A.

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