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The Extraordinary Grief of Losing a Child (Part 1)

Hosted by Clear Mourning

The Extraordinary Grief of Losing a Child (Part 1)
There are many types of child loss. Learn how grief is different depending on the type of loss.

The death of a child is a grief that rearranges the world for family members and their supporters. The loss so deep it feels impossible to make sense of the pain and disorienting suffering.This is true whether a loss happens during pregnancy or as the child grows older. At its core, the loss of a child is the loss of a lifetime of dreams.

In this 2-part workshop we will talk about the grief associated with the loss of a child and what we need to know and do differently as a culture to thoughtfully hold space and offer up more compassionate support. Our workshops will address the cultural implications of this type of loss including myths and misconceptions. We will also discuss the following:

  • What our culture doesn't teach about the grieving process and how this impacts our ability to show up to these types of painful experiences in a skilled and present way
  • Why loss and grief make those around us uncomfortable and unwilling to engage in more empathetic forms of support
  • What the unique and essential pieces of navigating the death of a child encompass, including feelings of shame, isolation, guilt and misunderstanding
  • Wisdom for supporters to provide meaningful and appropriate presence. Tools learned will include: Things to say and not say to grievers, how to stay present in the face of grief, meaningful ways to offer up support for this specific type of loss, and how best to keep a child's memory alive

October 20th: Our culture is unintentionally awkward and unskilled at interacting with grief associated with pregnancy loss, leaving those that are grieving feeling isolated. This workshop will address any loss that has occurred before or around the pregnancy window.

October 27th: The loss of a child beyond the pregnancy and infancy is different in that you have a life and a personality to grieve. The day-to-day reminders are present in a tangible way that exacerbates the hole left behind. Learning to watch loved ones continue with their uninterrupted families can be painful and filled with emotions we typically deny as a culture.

These workshops are co-hosted by Clear Mourning (Sarah Peterson, LCSW), The Peaceful Presence Project (Elizabeth Johnson) and guest presenter Dr. Marlis Beier, OB/GYN. They are intended for grievers, clinicians, caregivers, and anyone else that finds themselves affected by child loss. Sliding scale is $5-$20 for each workshop. Participants can sign up for one or both workshops, although attendees are encouraged to participate in both.


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