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Creating Space
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We Got You: Grounding on Election Day

We Got You: Grounding on Election Day
If you're feeling overwrought on one of the most critical elections, join us in this sanctuary for re-grounding in the body and centering in your own resilience.

A virtual space of sanctuary is available here. Meditation, sound and gentle movement will be available for anyone who needs a break from the stress of the Election Day. Whether you're taking a break from monitoring polling places for any manner of mayhem, taking a break from reporting in the media, or just want a space to chill and regroup; this sanctuary is available for all living beings, and BBIQTPOC in particular.

What we have to offer:

Oceana Sawyer - Holder of the Space/Facilitator

Oceana is an End of Life Doula. Drawing upon her meditation practices, her experience as a sensuality educator, her earth-based spirituality, and an intensive study in the expressive arts and integral counseling psychology, she brings a grounded, compassionate presence to the dying experience that partners with people in creating a conscious roadmap allowing them to die on their own terms.

Rabbi Shifrah Tobaccman - Opening Prayer

Rabbi Shifrah Tobacman is a teacher, interfaith chaplain, end of life doula, and poet. She has a healer’s spirit and a dedication to social, economic, and environmental justice. She was ordained by the Aleph Alliance for Jewish Renewal in 2015, after careers in bodywork, health education, and public health. Since then, she's turned her focus to spiritual care and healing. Rabbi Shifrah draws on her diverse background to support and help "midwife" important moments in people's lives. She lives in Emeryville, CA with her wife Ruth, with whom she's been happily partnered for close to 23 years. You can find out more about Rabbi Shifrah or join her upcoming class,

Attuning to the Seasons and Nurturing Our Neshamas (Souls), a spiritual exploration inspired by the earth's cycles and the wisdom of the Jewish calendar.

To learn more go to (This class is being done in partnership with Rapha: The Center for Healing and Spirituality.)

Rebekah "Bex" Borucki - Meditation

Rebekah “Bex” Borucki, founder of BEXLIFE® and the BLISSED IN® wellness movement, is a mother of five, meditation guide, birth doula, mentor for creative healers, and author of books for big and little readers. She has taught meditation as a profound act of self-care that can be executed effortlessly and effectively to hundreds of thousands of individuals online and in live workshops for more than a decade. Rebekah’s mission is to make mental-health support and stress-management tools accessible to all.

As a mentor to creative healers, Rebekah guides her clients to create books and brand presences from the ground up and the heart outward. Her clients have gone on to receive publishing contracts with major houses like Simon & Schuster and Hay House. Rebekah is published by Hay House, the Quarto Publishing Group, and her own imprint, Wheat Penny Press, which she founded in 2019.

Most recently, Rebekah launched the WPP Little Readers Big Change Initiative, Inc., a publicly-funded 501(c)(3) registered nonprofit, which provides free books, mental wellness tools, and writing workshops for students in grades PreK-8, public libraries, and community organizations.

Sara Clark - Pranayama Breathwork

Sara Clark is an international vinyasa yoga and meditation teacher. With nearly two decades of experience, Sara’s teachings merge the physical and spiritual practices of yoga with mindfulness and meditation techniques that help to ease suffering and liberate the soul. She has been a Global Yoga Ambassador for lululemon and has graced the cover of Yoga Journal twice along with Prevention Magazine. Sara has created a series of online yoga and meditation videos for Shape Magazine, Yoga Today, and Glo. Known for her compassionate teaching style and fluid vinyasa sequences, Sara makes both the novice and the more experienced practitioner feel welcomed in her classes.

Jeremy Dalton - soundbath/music

Jeremy Dalton is a gifted musician with more than 20 years experience playing a variety of instruments in healing and therapeutic settings. Trained as a percussionist, he’s played with international gospel singers and bands since he was a teen. Inspired by his own journey through depression and anxiety back to mental health, Jeremy endeavors to share his love of music as a form of connection and healing, as well as a tool to enhance wellbeing and happiness.

Since 2017, alongside the direction of his mentors, Jeremy has dedicated himself to the art of rest + recovery through sound healing techniques and instruments including crystal sound bowls, gongs, shamanic drums, chimes, and more. He has had the opportunity to create unique soundscapes and spaces for private events and public organizations. His credits include performances for world-class wellness events and organizations including: The Center for Love + Light, Sound Apothecary, Yellow Mat Wellness, KIPP Schools, Bali Spirit Music Festival ​(rescheduled to 2021 due to COVID-19)​ and more.

Jeremy is the owner of Green Means Go, a cannabis wellness company, and proud Dad to two incredible kids.

He currently resides in Atlanta, GA

To learn and hear more, visit

Melanie DeMore - vocal activist

She’s traveled the world, was a founding member of the Grammy nominated vocal ensemble Linda Tillery and the Cultural Heritage Choir, and is constantly amazed by her life. But nothing is closer to her heart than bringing people together wherever she is to experience the healing power of music. Whether she’s performing solo, leading stick pounding workshops , doing residencies with choirs all over the country or teaching Sound Awareness to sixth graders, baby boomers, or senior citizens, one thing is certain: her mission is to make sure you unlock the key to experiencing yourself in all your Glory and return home with the very same excitement and passion for living that she herself has. When she comes your way, her energy will charge the very air you breathe like a meteor shower, so get ready to rise up!

This is a free event. If you would like to contribute to a scholarship fund for BIPOC pursuing recovery from racialized trauma, here is the link where you can make a contribution:

photo by Conscious Design