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Alive for Now Weekly Series

Hosted by Jessica Murby

Alive for Now Weekly Series
A four week guided journey in attending to important matters that are often quite easily diverted for a lifetime.

What if, by the time we realize the detriment of the ‘norm’ of avoiding death throughout our lives, it’s too late? What if others among us feel the same way, but don’t have space to explore it, even with those closest to us? We are all out there, and the time for us to dive in is now. Come experience the magic that transpires when we thoughtfully explore this work as a group! The topics that we’ll explore include some of the chapters from my book ‘Alive for Now: Using Death as a Teacher to Thrive in Life’ which you may preview here.

Sign up for all four classes at a discount, or drop-in as you like...

January 12th: Exploring Regret

January 19th: Life Review

January 26th: Forgiveness

February 2nd: Death & Femininity

~All classes are from 2-3:30pm Pacific Time~

Jessica Murby is an author, hospice volunteer, yogi, etc. that has a rare freakish tumor condition, the experience of which has led to much of this work.

Guest Speakers will be featured throughout including Kimberly Sowers, Ondrea Barbe, Kristabeth Atwood, and Joan Heartfield.

Ritual & Ceremony Talk, Panel, & Conversation Workshop Storytelling


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