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Exploring Regret

Hosted by Jessica Murby

Exploring Regret
Contemplating regret as it relates to the reality of death may be a catalyst to reconcile the past and move forward with what is most important to us.

We will explore this complex topic of regret together through the lens of death.

Part of me doesn’t actually believe in regret, because growth and wisdom may not be possible without reflecting on those things we would choose to do differently with time. It seems to be in life’s nature to look back at things we did last year or last week or a minute ago with the potential to be perplexed by our own actions. The great challenge for many of us is to reconcile the fact that it is not possible to go back in time to change what’s been done; to say something different, to prevent the accident, to eat better, to prevent the cancer, to avoid that relationship. Reconciling that can be particularly difficult in regards to serious tragedies. Part of the beauty and richness of life is what can come next; the willingness to have the difficult conversations, to say sorry, to recognize our imperfect behavior, to forgive others and ourselves, to surrender to what happens in life even if we can’t make sense of it. In my opinion, it behooves us to attempt to do so before our time left is short.’ (< an excerpt from Jessica’s book, Alive for Now). We will reflect on the above questions regarding regret together as it relates to our lives.

This workshop is offered as a drop-in or at a discounted rate as part of the Alive for Now Weekly Series.

About the facilitators:

Jessica Murby is an author, hospice volunteer, yogi, etc. that has a rare freakish tumor condition, the experience of which has led to much of this work.

Kimberly Sowers is a grief counselor and facilitator who helps people tap into their own wisdom as they walk through loss and bereavement.

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